An accidentally semi-retired social worker/bookkeeper/legal secretary who loves animals, esp. cats because they are easier than dogs but I love dogs too. I am currently single and probably going to stay that way because of the cats. I am sixty five years old going on twenty, used to be a professional belly dancer, and am very interested in staying healthy and in shape. I am contemplating vegetarianism because it is truly better for everyone, esp. the animals. The economy has hit me hard and I have been out of work for 2 years, am in foreclosure and on the verge of losing my home of 18 years, but finally snagged a little part time job taking care of a delightful elderly woman with dementia. I also volunteered recently to be a foster mom for cats/kittens that need a safe spot to land.  I am no longer looking for love but still hoping it will show up unannounced. Hope springs eternal.