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I love the sound of baby kitties in the morning.

I live alone. If the tv isn’t on, it is usually pretty quiet in my house. I sometimes turn on music but usually I listen to tunes in my car, not so much in the house unless I am doing some serious housework. I try very hard to avoid that whole serious housework stuff.

I just recently volunteered to be a foster mom to kittens who needed to be rescued for future adoption. I currently have two little “houdini” brothers who I named Jazpurr and Junipurr.

And I am happy to say, it is not so quiet in my house these days. A friend gave me something called a “crinkle tube” for the kittens to play in and I assure you, it is very crinkly. Which means it is kind of noisy. I am sitting here at my computer and listening to the crinkle crinkle crinkle of this tube thing while the two little boys go at it furiously.  So funny.

Jazpurr and Junipurr are approximately 14 weeks old at this point and cute as buttons, healthy as hell. It is play, play, play, all the time and all over the house. And they are into everything, and nothing scares them.

Now that is what I call music!

Little Junipurr at 10 weeks.

Harley, a mean looking sweetie pie

Harley, looking mean and like he wants to bite me

My newest acquisition/rescue is a Persian, pretty much all black with just a tuft of white on his neck under his chin for luck. He came to me as boarder, who needed to be babysat for a few weeks while the owners relocated. My initial reaction to the cat was “ohhhh, he looks so mean and angry”. Large golden eyes with a pushed in nose for some reason made him look like he was not fond of the world and anyone in it. So far from the truth. He is a total sweet natured cuddle bunny who spends a lot of time sleeping, usually upside down with all four in the air.

Hanging out in the kitchen waiting for more food.

His original name, for whatever reason, was Fartley. I am guessing he had a problem with farting. I changed that name to Harley, for several reasons. First, it is not Fartley anymore, and second, he looks tough and mean, like a biker cat, in my imagination, would look.

He has the cutest pushed in nose and such a large head; he is a really big cat but has not a mean bone in his body. Just the biggest sweetest thing ever.

He is difficult to photograph due to his color and it is even harder to catch those amazing owl-like eyes because he squints at the flash.

Several weeks into my babysitting job with Harley, I was told that he would need a permanent home. I was more than happy to take him into the fold because he fit right in. Lying around, doing nothing, sleeping all day, eating lots and lots of food.  What a bum!  Fit right in with the rest of my bums.  All freeloaders!!!

This is his mean face