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Snowpink, my feral beauty.


I believe it was sometime in 2008 that I saw a white cat hanging out in my front yard. And of course, I had to leave out a bowl of food for it on a daily basis. This white cat was really feral, but was obviously at one time part of a spay/neuter and release program because it had the one ear clipped in the exact way that it done here in Palm Beach County to denote a cat that has been fixed. It took several months until I was able to sit quietly and finally pet the beautiful white cat. I actually at some point remember coaxing/tricking it into coming into the house, however, once inside, it went crazy and I had to coax it back out. It took a while but eventually, I was able to hold the white cat, and eventually I was able to find out it was a male but so pretty, I really had a feeling that the white cat almost had to be a girl. But white cat is male. During all this time, I was calling the white cat “Snowpink” because it was sooooo white with the pinkest nose and ear skin I ever saw.  So pretty and his eyes were just a little slanted and the brightest green/yellow ever. What a pretty cat!

Closeup of Snowpink face

Snowpink is very happy now, comes into the house to visit, hang out, eat, whenever he wants. He loves me and only me. Truly I am the only person on the planet that gets to pet Snowpink, sleep with Snowpink, hold Snowpink…..well, you get the picture. And he is a total sweetie.

The one quirky thing about Snowpink is his tail. Usually, when a cat starts whipping that tail back and forth, beware. When a cat starts whipping their tail back and forth, that usually means they are getting irate, ticked off, and about to maybe lay one on you;  claws and teeth.  But not with Snowpink. When Snowpink is happy, when I am petting Snowpink and he is giving me those kitty cat happy eyes, that tail gets going.  Snowpink whips that tail back and forth, back and forth, wags it like a dog. It’s really cute.

And don’t you agree, Snowpink is a beauty.