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Phookah, my rescued man about town who wears a Timex.

Phookah is a rescue, already full grown when he became one of my cats. The niece of a friend had a boyfriend who did not care for cats. At the time of the rescue, Phookah had a different name which I don’t recall, but I renamed him immediately. I initially steered these people to no-kill shelters but the shelters were full. I was then told that this cat, who I had not met yet, was going to be put to sleep. I immediately agreed to take him.

I took a little liberty on the spelling of his name. I am of Irish descent and love all of the Irish folklore. There is a saying on Pooka – “You can always trust a Pooka, but no one in their right mind would ever believe one.” Tricksters and compulsive liars, but their personalities are almost child-like in innocence. Their appearances are always somewhat indicative of their animal affinity, which they can change into when no one is watching. Even the hardest heart can be melted with appropriately applied Pooka pressure, and one tends to spill their closest-kept secrets to a prying Pooka. The greatest Pooka flaw? They always lie. This may be blatant, to encourage the appropriate interpretation, or subtle, to confuse the hell out of everyone present. It seemed like an appropriate name for a cat. Mischievous little devils.

Phookah looking serious


Phookah fit right in with the rest of the menagerie. He is a large cat, long and lean with beautiful eyes, small ears, not a lap cat and he was a little leery of me at first.  He is way too serious to be considered playful. Right from the start, he was off on his own into the neighborhood to explore and learn the lay of the land. It didn’t take him long to figure out meal times, and he obviously has his Timex set for breakfast and for dinner. He pretty much shows up for meals only. On occasion, if the weather is really bad, he will come to the window to be let in. The screen suffers greatly from his attempts to let me know he wants in. Otherwise, he is out and about doing God knows what. If he could tell me what it is that he does all day and all night, I am sure he would probably lie.

He is a creature of habit, for sure. During the winter/spring/fall months, I usually keep my back door open so the cats (and other creatures/insects) can come in and out when they wanted to.  Phookah took a long time to figure out the back door as a means of ingress, insisting on announcing his desire to come inside with his claws applied to my window screen to let me know he wanted in the house. When the summer weather started affecting my comfort levels, I closed the windows and the back door, and turned on the A/C. I then fashioned a “kitty window”, a small opening for just the cats to come in and out at will. When I invented that kitty window, I showed Phookah how the kitty window worked several times but he still, to this day, insists on plunking the screen.  I am beginning to think he just wants to give me a hard time. Or maybe to find out if I am still trained and willing to jump up every time he presents himself at the wrong window.

So far, his behavior and my reaction is totally working for him. Guess I am trained! And still trainable.

Grumpy Gracie

One day, in 2007 or so, when I went into my backyard to feed my cats, I saw a chubby tiger cat hanging out.  Over the course of several days, we became friends. She had very light eyes, almost white looking and due to her level of friendliness, I am guessing someone left her behind or she was lost.  I took her in and it was immediately clear she did not like other cats. Much hissing and growling… I named her Grumpy Gracie, Gracie for short on her good days and Grumpy for short on her bad days. She has a sweet disposition otherwise. Apparently she is not a young cat because she is losing teeth and is kind of fat and lazy. She obviously had been loved and cared for at one point in time: she was spayed because she never went into heat.  I am also guessing she is getting on in years.

She loves to sleep with me, right next to my head and, if at all possible, right on my pillow. I am not really comfortable sharing my pillow with her (with anyone, really. I’m funny that way) and even though I give her, on a frequent basis, her own pillow, she prefers mine. And her strangest little quirk is that she has to have one of her paws touching me when she is settled in next to my head, always facing me if at all possible. She stretches one paw out and usually ends up placing it somewhere on my face or neck. I usually and gently take her paw off my person. She usually and gently places it back on me. This goes on over and over until I usually give up, either putting up with it or turning over. The turning over does not actually work because she then comes around to the other side, settles down and places her paw back on me, in the vicinity of my face.  She likes to be facing my face, all the better to place her paw upon same.  What a character.

She seems to have mellowed just a little this past year, whether it be age or just giving up on being so grumpy and I have observed her  actually touch noses with my two youngest cats, Sneakers and Sassafras, both of which are under 1.5 years of age. She touches noses with them then hisses. They don’t seem to mind for some odd reason.

All in all, she fits right in with my odd bunch of rescues.