Harley, a mean looking sweetie pie

Harley, looking mean and like he wants to bite me

My newest acquisition/rescue is a Persian, pretty much all black with just a tuft of white on his neck under his chin for luck. He came to me as boarder, who needed to be babysat for a few weeks while the owners relocated. My initial reaction to the cat was “ohhhh, he looks so mean and angry”. Large golden eyes with a pushed in nose for some reason made him look like he was not fond of the world and anyone in it. So far from the truth. He is a total sweet natured cuddle bunny who spends a lot of time sleeping, usually upside down with all four in the air.

Hanging out in the kitchen waiting for more food.

His original name, for whatever reason, was Fartley. I am guessing he had a problem with farting. I changed that name to Harley, for several reasons. First, it is not Fartley anymore, and second, he looks tough and mean, like a biker cat, in my imagination, would look.

He has the cutest pushed in nose and such a large head; he is a really big cat but has not a mean bone in his body. Just the biggest sweetest thing ever.

He is difficult to photograph due to his color and it is even harder to catch those amazing owl-like eyes because he squints at the flash.

Several weeks into my babysitting job with Harley, I was told that he would need a permanent home. I was more than happy to take him into the fold because he fit right in. Lying around, doing nothing, sleeping all day, eating lots and lots of food.  What a bum!  Fit right in with the rest of my bums.  All freeloaders!!!

This is his mean face


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