Random Thoughts for August 4

There are not enough hours in the day. I need more.

I think I have “computer elbow”, if there is such a thing. It hurts. Left elbow, for some reason.

For those people who don’t believe in global warming: move to Oklahoma City. Actually, I consider myself really lucky to be living in Florida. Florida seems to have the best temperatures in the country this summer. Highest temp so far during the day: maybe 90 or 91 on average. May be very humid here but humidity is your friend. Keeps your skin moist and young. I am all for anything to slow down or stop the aging and wrinkling. I cannot imagine what it might be like to be living somewhere with temperatures climbing as high as 113 degrees during the day. I feel for everyone who lives in or about Oklahoma City right now. And if you throw in the raging fires….. so glad I be in Florida.

Deaf cats don’t mind being vacuumed.

About one month ago, I for some odd reason decided to cut back on my coffee consumption. Not that I drank a lot of coffee, maybe 2 cups in the morning and never any in the afternoon. I love coffee but I have pretty much always had trouble sleeping: falling asleep is difficult, can be very restless and I rarely sleep through the night. So now I am down to just one cup in the morning. Yesterday I realized, on reflection, that during this past week, I can hardly stay awake past 10:00 pm. I have had to retire to bed early and I have been sleeping through the night. Wow, was I that sensitive to caffeine?

Child proof containers only reinforce my belief that I never grew up!

Realization: people train their dogs but cats train their people.

There are two things in the world that I refuse to discuss with anyone, particularly someone I care about:  religion and politics. I consider one very personal and really none of anyone’s business and the other I have such mixed emotions about that I would rather forget it exists. As far as I am concerned, the politicians in today’s world are the cause of most if not all of the problems. They need to be outlawed. When I vote, I usually vote for the “lesser of two weevils”. It is just another system that is broken. Besides, I don’t consider myself educated enough to discuss politics with anyone on any kind of an intellectual level at all. It is all too overwhelming especially because you can’t believe a word any of those politicians say. And I don’t consider anyone who would attempt to discuss politics with me smart enough to discuss anything of importance anyway, unless you are my brother (I won’t mention his name but he lives in Gainesville). The educational system in this country is another broken system. And anyone who voted for R. Scott (a known criminal) to be our governor in Florida is an idiot and I don’t want to talk to them, much less know them.

That’s it for today. Hope I didn’t offend. Oh hell, I don’t care.





Just Saying…It is not what it is!

Every once in a while, something comes across “my desk” that astounds me, surprises me, freaks me out or just plain pisses me off.  So every once in a while, I will share. Today, this is my share.

I am astounded and surprised that pharmaceutical companies continue to advertise this or that medication for a certain condition but the actual medication has far more side affects and contraindications than the actual  symptom or problem being treated. Some of the side affects are scarier than the actual medical problem. Some of the side affect(s) could be death! I mean, come on! Who in their right mind would take a medication for a singular condition that has dozens of possible side affects? I have noticed that some of the side affects are exactly the same as the original problem: acid reflux medication can cause acid reflux, headache medication can cause a headache, and so on. And some of the side affects are weird, like the restless leg medication that could cause a problem with and/or obsession with gambling. I think I will take the restless leg problem, thank you. I think that same advertisement also linked a possible problem with impulsive behaviors such as indulging in risky sexual activities. Did anyone else notice that? Again, restless legs don’t look so bad!

And I have always had a problem with this saying:  ”IT IS WHAT IT IS”. What the hell does that really mean? As far as I am concerned, it means nothing. To me, it is a cop out, a way to avoid any explanation when or where needed, to avoid any responsibility, to just not be bothered. I hate it and wince every time I hear it. I would rather hear “Whatever!” because at least that explicitly tells the listener “I don’t care, leave it/me alone”. But still rude, of course.

I love the sound of baby kitties in the morning.

I live alone. If the tv isn’t on, it is usually pretty quiet in my house. I sometimes turn on music but usually I listen to tunes in my car, not so much in the house unless I am doing some serious housework. I try very hard to avoid that whole serious housework stuff.

I just recently volunteered to be a foster mom to kittens who needed to be rescued for future adoption. I currently have two little “houdini” brothers who I named Jazpurr and Junipurr.

And I am happy to say, it is not so quiet in my house these days. A friend gave me something called a “crinkle tube” for the kittens to play in and I assure you, it is very crinkly. Which means it is kind of noisy. I am sitting here at my computer and listening to the crinkle crinkle crinkle of this tube thing while the two little boys go at it furiously.  So funny.

Jazpurr and Junipurr are approximately 14 weeks old at this point and cute as buttons, healthy as hell. It is play, play, play, all the time and all over the house. And they are into everything, and nothing scares them.

Now that is what I call music!

Little Junipurr at 10 weeks.

Are you alright?

A little story just to lighten up the pathos of the past couple days with regards to my friend who lost everything in the trailer fire. They managed to save themselves, their 2 dogs and the 4 birds. Two of the birds are African Greys, there is a Conure and a Scarlet Macaw. One of the African Greys is named Batgirl. She/he (I believe now we know it is a male) is a real talker. And hilarious. Picks up everything, loves to call the dogs….

Anyway, the birds were put up temporarily in a neighboring trailer/mobile home while my friend found other accommodations for them. Her husband was sitting in that mobile home visiting with the birds yesterday and, as you can imagine, he was upset, distressed and depressed because of the fire and the loss of all of their belongings. He was sitting in a chair, with his head in his hands, next to Batgirl’s cage. Batgirl walked herself over to the side of the cage closest to him and says “Are you alright?”  He says “No, I am not.” Batgirl then says “Are you going to be alright?”  He says “I don’t think so.”

This is Ruby, the Scarlet Macaw

So Batgirl turns away from him, goes up to her/his cage mate, the other African Grey, bites it on the tail and asks “Are you alright?”

Don’t you just love these critters! Neither my friend nor her husband have taught this bird any of this stuff. Apparently,  Batgirl just picks it up on her/his own. So aware, so perceptive, so astounding. I am in awe!

Restoring my faith in humanity – a little!

A blog or two ago, I spoke of several friends who were getting ready to “fall through the cracks”, who needed assistance due to financial constraints, physical disabilities/disorders, and end of life issues.  I feared and knew that the system was seriously broken when hard working people, who through no fault of their own, fell on hard times and were desperate to survive but could not find any help anywhere.

Well, last Saturday, that very person that I had blogged about fell into an even deeper hole of despair. Approximately 6 to 7 weeks ago, I helped move her and her disabled husband into a tiny 2 bedroom (well, one bedroom was more like a closet) mobile home in a quaint little mobile home park not far from where I live. They settled in with their 2 little dogs and 4 birds (big birds: 2 african grey, 1 conure and a macaw). It was an old “trailer” but it was a roof over their heads and it was inexpensive (for the area) for them while they tried to get back on their feet.

I did notice, however, while moving things into a hall closet, that there was obviously a fire at some point in recent time in that area of the hall. There was soot that evidenced a feeble attempt at cleaning. I told my friend that this was not a good sign and then we forgot about it.

Last Saturday, only a few days after her husband was discharged from the hospital due to his recent heart attack and subsequently receiving 4 stents, my friend was outside on the patio doing laundry (the washer would not fit into the tiny trailer), she saw smoke coming out from under the trailer. She and her husband only had time to get the 2 dogs and 4 birds out before the entire place was engulfed in flames and burned to the ground. Mind you, she is on crutches and he has a cast on one foot due to torn achilles and was in a wheelchair.  It was a miracle. But they lost everything: money, ID, her teeth, all their clothes, medications, photographs, books, computer, etc etc etc.

I went by there today to look at the damage. It was obvious to me that if this had happened during the night, and if they were sleeping, my friend, her husband and the animals would not have survived.  A sobering thought and one which I did not want to contemplate any further.

And a note to the owner of that trailer (who is planning on suing my friend): when someone cuts the electrical cord on a refrigerator, it is not a good idea to splice that cord back together with band-aids. Yes, you heard me right…people band-aids instead of electrical tape. Can you believe it!

Anyway, she and her spouse have been on the news every night since. People have rallied and are stepping up to help these two (and their critters), restoring my previously lost faith in humanity. Thank God because I cannot imagine what they would have done if no help was offered. They will hopefully be able to find housing (safe housing), get back on their feet, and get back a little bit of dignity.  And be independent again.

Now if only the State of Florida, Social Security Disability and Food Stamps could figure out what the hell is wrong with their system, and fix it.  Maybe then, when people like my friend, who worked hard all her life and was only asking for help because she really needed it, maybe then the ones who need the help will get it. Even us white people!

I’m pissed about this. Really pissed.


If I were to cut off all of my very long hair

Yesterday I saw a haircut. On Facebook. It was awesome and I would love to see someone who was actually willing and able to cut their hair this exact way. 

First you need to know this about me, I love lizards. Don’t know why. I have a suspicion but that’s another story. I rescue them from the jaws of my cats on a daily basis. If the lizard is still alive, I give them a little rinse in the kitchen sink (like a little refresher to wash off any excess cat saliva) and then I check them for newly acquired furry hitchhikers because invariably the lizard has a mouthful of cat hair and feet with attached streamers of cat hair. Not a good look for a lizard. I remove hair. Then release.

So when I saw this haircut, I had the  instant thought, I would cut off all of my hair for THIS haircut. I could glue red jewels in its head for eyes. It would be worth it. That thought lasted about 10 seconds but oh, what a do! Stopped me dead in my thoughts and my tracks.

Speaking of lizards, a couple of days ago, I was at my computer and saw movement out the corner of my eye. Skittering across my tile floor was a very large, like 12 inches long, lizard who dived under my couch. It took me several minutes and lots of furniture moving to catch him and of course, release him. Not sure how long he was in my house nor when or how he came in. More than likely he was transported into the house via cat teeth transport company. I am guessing he was about 12 inches long originally because without his tail (lost I am sure in the melee of being transferred indoors), he was still at least 10 inches or so. Well behaved though, he didn’t try to bite me.

Several minutes after his release into freedom, I walked over to my couch to sit and in stepping onto my throw rug in my bare feet, I stepped on something wet and squishy.  It was a very large lizard poop. Biggest I have ever seen. That lizard was obviously in here long enough to take a crap on my carpet. Damn lizard!