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Kitty sneezes, cat diseasesesssss

I haven’t posted in a couple of days and I am not wondering why because I know why. It is the fosters. Four little kittens and one homeless mommy (Milkshake is her name) that I am fostering until they find their furever homes.  All adorable, all sweet natured, all cute as buttons but the energy, OMG.

They are slowly redecorating my home in a new style I call Early Destruction.  They are into everything, want to know how everything works so they can stop it from working. They love to see how things fall down, the smaller the item, the better. All so I won’t be able to find it later. They have to help me when it is feeding time, running from dish to dish to see who has the best serving. They move furniture around (not the big pieces, …..yet) and any throw rugs I have down are always in a new place when I get up in the morning, come home in the afternoon, well, at any time. And talk about things that go bump in the night. In my house, it is every night and many, many bumps. Their toys are EVERYWHERE and I don’t even want to talk about the kitty litter pans and the litter.

Okay, I will talk about the litter pans. I have four litter pans. I clean them at least twice a day. I feel like a slave to the pans. What is funny about cleaning the pans, possibly the only funny thing about it,  is whenever I do scoop the litter, the kittens find this activity of the highest interest and just have to become part of the process, getting back into the pan and “helping me”.  All four of them. And invariably after I finish the scooping, they have to test it, make sure it still works and it is still theirs. I did discover this though. The four pans are of 4 difference sizes, from small (for the kittens) to large (for the big cats). Can someone tell me why the big cats find the little litter pans so interesting and just have to use those instead? Jeepers!

One of the kittens greets me in a very special way. She flings herself at my face, not with claws or feet but with her face. Thank goodness she is so small. It is so cute but on several occasions, I was surprised and on one occasion, it hurt! She is the nuzzler in the group, just wanting to be as close to my face as she can get so she can give me kisses. I am going to miss her the most when she finds her furever home. She also had the sniffles when she arrived which I am treating with medication, however, on several occasions, when she is bestowing me with her little kitty kisses, she full-on sneezed in my face (I think she saves the sneezes just for me) and I was at first concerned. Am I going to catch a cat disease from this little kitten? Then I decided that if I were to get really sick or even pass away because of her sneezes, how cool would it be for me to catch a cat disease! To die from a cat disease! I know, I know, that’s really weird. But again, how apropos.

All I can say is this: in my house, I don’t need to put on any music, I have the music of kittens playing really really hard. Th crinkle of the crinkle tube, the bells on their little toys, the mews/yelps of them play fighting, the thumps and thunks of their little bodies running around and into things, the patter of their little feets, and last but not least, the purrs, such loud purrs, when they discover my lap and settle down.

Yeah, I am going to miss them.

But my curtains never stood a chance. Oh well, who needs curtains!


Accidents do happen and feeding the cats.

So I have reached an age, one during which many could/would wonder … now what or ….. what’s next? Especially during these times of economic turmoil, real estate upheaval, job scarcity and even less resources, currently affecting so many in this country and around the world. Scary times.

Being alone, with no children, I cannot help but wonder what will become of me. Now that I am in my autumn chicken years, long past being a spring chicken, I cannot help but ask who will be there for me when and if I (1) get sick , (2) get hurt or (3) get dementia. What will happen if I truly do end up homeless and penniless, and ultimately fall through the cracks. It is very frightening and it is keeping me up at night, a bad thing when I really need my rest now that I am getting on in years.

I found myself the other day figuring out how many years I might be expected to live versus how many years each of my cats would be expected to live and when and at what age should I not adopt/rescue any kittens versus my life span. It is probably time for me to only adopt/rescue elderly cats.

I have also on several occasions done something rather foolish in my house, involving the climbing of ladders/step stools and other dangerous objects to accomplish a task, only to lose my balance, flail about and come close to falling or actually fall, which got me thinking. So far, my past falls have not resulted in too much bodily damage aside from the terrible bruise last time on my hip along with both thumbs being sprained and still healing. But what would happen to me if I did fall, with a really bad injury which prevented me from getting up and what if I ended up either in my fenced-in back yard or in my house unable to get up or call for help. I could realistically die there. I don’t have that many people in my life, what with my being single, not dating, not too many friends, well, not any that call me every day to check on me. I have one friend who does that, calls me every day to make sure I am okay, however, I don’t know what he would do if I didn’t answer the phone. He lives far away and doesn’t have a car. I really don’t want to put that to the test , BTW.

Further contemplation of the above scenario made me realize this: my cats would eventually and very possibly eat me. I would still be, even after my passing, feeding them. I have heard stories about that happening and for some strange reason, it was not a disturbing contemplation but one of “that’s okay, how so very apropos”.

I would just want them to wait until after my passing; no early snacking! That would be rude and probably hurt.

I Love Facebook but OMG!

As an animal lover, I of course subscribe to all of the animal stuff: animal rights, animal rescue, animal heroes, animal abuse, animal stories, animal YouTube, on and on and on. It was the primary reason and impetus behind my volunteering for the animal rescue group I am now with.  And of course, one link leads to another, you get the picture. And don’t even get me started on the don’t eat meat, vegetarian/vegan stuff. Facebook played a big part in my decision to wander down that avenue too.

But the sad thing is, all of this animal rescue stuff also includes all of the horrible things people do to animals and all of the animals (with pictures) that were put to sleep each day. Did you know that in this country approximately 10,000 dogs and cats are euthanized EACH day? Yeah, you read that right.  Every day, 10,000 beautiful little critters, that’s 10,000 unconditionally loving dogs and slightly unconditionally loving cats meet their end, And those ends are often in gas chambers which is another horrific story in itself. And yes, I am part of the campaign to put an end to that atrocity. So for each little rescue that comes across my Facebook page each day, there is without a doubt hundreds that didn’t make it and their pictures make my heart ache and I cry. I hate it. And it is every day!

Getting back to the numbers: 10,000 each day and let’s calculate only 5 days per week, 52 weeks in the year. That’s giving those shelter peeps the weekend off from all that killing. So the numbers are: 50,000 per week and 2,600,000 per year. That is a lot of dogs and cats.

And you know what would go a long way towards reducing those numbers……yeah, that’s right. Spay and neuter. If I was president, puppy mills would be outlawed, they would just plain be against the law. That will take care of one of the most shameful things this country allows to be done to “man’s best friend”. Have any of you out there even seen what these mills looks like? It is totally disgusting. And some of the biggest offenders in the puppy mill trade with all of its horribleness is (drum roll please) the Amish! Did you know that? That fact totally changed my outlook about them. That’s for sure.

It has reached the point, what with all of this ridiculous breeding (greed driven), this country has huge numbers of purebreds filling up our shelters, and to top even that, people are charging big bucks now for “designer dogs”. When I was growing up, we called them mutts! I fear common sense and priorities are getting lost, and I am guessing it may well be a part of the dumbing down of America. Well, that’s working.

Getting back to spay and neuter and if I was president. No more puppy mills and mandatory, free spay and neuter clinics. It is the only solution to this horrible, horrible problem. I remember when I first heard someone tell me they wanted their dog/cat to have one litter so their children could witness the miracle of birth. If I was a bitch (at that time: I may actually be one now), I would have told them to take their children down to the shelter to witness the miracle of death too. A good follow up, a full circle of life and death. It is only fair and children deserve a well rounded education as preparation for what I envision may not be a nice future.

Life sucks but death sucks worse.

Random Thoughts for August 4

There are not enough hours in the day. I need more.

I think I have “computer elbow”, if there is such a thing. It hurts. Left elbow, for some reason.

For those people who don’t believe in global warming: move to Oklahoma City. Actually, I consider myself really lucky to be living in Florida. Florida seems to have the best temperatures in the country this summer. Highest temp so far during the day: maybe 90 or 91 on average. May be very humid here but humidity is your friend. Keeps your skin moist and young. I am all for anything to slow down or stop the aging and wrinkling. I cannot imagine what it might be like to be living somewhere with temperatures climbing as high as 113 degrees during the day. I feel for everyone who lives in or about Oklahoma City right now. And if you throw in the raging fires….. so glad I be in Florida.

Deaf cats don’t mind being vacuumed.

About one month ago, I for some odd reason decided to cut back on my coffee consumption. Not that I drank a lot of coffee, maybe 2 cups in the morning and never any in the afternoon. I love coffee but I have pretty much always had trouble sleeping: falling asleep is difficult, can be very restless and I rarely sleep through the night. So now I am down to just one cup in the morning. Yesterday I realized, on reflection, that during this past week, I can hardly stay awake past 10:00 pm. I have had to retire to bed early and I have been sleeping through the night. Wow, was I that sensitive to caffeine?

Child proof containers only reinforce my belief that I never grew up!

Realization: people train their dogs but cats train their people.

There are two things in the world that I refuse to discuss with anyone, particularly someone I care about:  religion and politics. I consider one very personal and really none of anyone’s business and the other I have such mixed emotions about that I would rather forget it exists. As far as I am concerned, the politicians in today’s world are the cause of most if not all of the problems. They need to be outlawed. When I vote, I usually vote for the “lesser of two weevils”. It is just another system that is broken. Besides, I don’t consider myself educated enough to discuss politics with anyone on any kind of an intellectual level at all. It is all too overwhelming especially because you can’t believe a word any of those politicians say. And I don’t consider anyone who would attempt to discuss politics with me smart enough to discuss anything of importance anyway, unless you are my brother (I won’t mention his name but he lives in Gainesville). The educational system in this country is another broken system. And anyone who voted for R. Scott (a known criminal) to be our governor in Florida is an idiot and I don’t want to talk to them, much less know them.

That’s it for today. Hope I didn’t offend. Oh hell, I don’t care.





Jasmine, one of my rescues.

I rescued Jasmine from a certain death. I was working at a local nursing home which had a feral cat problem. This was back in 2006, the summer of. I wasn’t there long but long enough to be told by the administration that a critter catcher company was going to be trapping all of the cats which would then be euthanized. I was really upset but there was not a lot that I could do about it especially since most if not all of the cats on the grounds were feral. There was one particular cat, a little tiger, who every day would come across the lawn onto the patio to visit with one particular resident who was out there for the sunshine and the smoking of her cigarettes. Every day, this little tiger would show up and sit by the resident’s chair and visit with her. She wasn’t feral and was probably someone’s pet at one time, maybe dumped off or left behind. I made plans to take her home so she would not be trapped and put to sleep.

Little Jasmine

Thank goodness I followed through on my plan because I was let go from my position not long after I rescued this little tiger.

I named her Jasmine because she was very sweet. I had her spayed and introduced her to my other cats. She fit right in. I still have her and she is living a good life with me and my other cats.  She is a very small cat with big eyes, and very feisty.  I have no idea how old she is but was full grown when I rescued her. I am glad I was able to make a difference in her life ….. and mine.

Snowpink, my feral beauty.


I believe it was sometime in 2008 that I saw a white cat hanging out in my front yard. And of course, I had to leave out a bowl of food for it on a daily basis. This white cat was really feral, but was obviously at one time part of a spay/neuter and release program because it had the one ear clipped in the exact way that it done here in Palm Beach County to denote a cat that has been fixed. It took several months until I was able to sit quietly and finally pet the beautiful white cat. I actually at some point remember coaxing/tricking it into coming into the house, however, once inside, it went crazy and I had to coax it back out. It took a while but eventually, I was able to hold the white cat, and eventually I was able to find out it was a male but so pretty, I really had a feeling that the white cat almost had to be a girl. But white cat is male. During all this time, I was calling the white cat “Snowpink” because it was sooooo white with the pinkest nose and ear skin I ever saw.  So pretty and his eyes were just a little slanted and the brightest green/yellow ever. What a pretty cat!

Closeup of Snowpink face

Snowpink is very happy now, comes into the house to visit, hang out, eat, whenever he wants. He loves me and only me. Truly I am the only person on the planet that gets to pet Snowpink, sleep with Snowpink, hold Snowpink…..well, you get the picture. And he is a total sweetie.

The one quirky thing about Snowpink is his tail. Usually, when a cat starts whipping that tail back and forth, beware. When a cat starts whipping their tail back and forth, that usually means they are getting irate, ticked off, and about to maybe lay one on you;  claws and teeth.  But not with Snowpink. When Snowpink is happy, when I am petting Snowpink and he is giving me those kitty cat happy eyes, that tail gets going.  Snowpink whips that tail back and forth, back and forth, wags it like a dog. It’s really cute.

And don’t you agree, Snowpink is a beauty.