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To be devoured by cats….or to be a bowl.

So along the same lines as yesterday’s blog, and addressing my own personal end-of-life wishes, I seriously hope I don’t end up as a feline entrée. I am making a concerted effort to not fall down in my house nor incur any grievous injuries if I do fall down. No more rickety chairs, lopsided picnic benches or off-kilter step ladders for me.  Only sturdy appropriate safe step stools, ones with safety rails and maybe an alarm!

Oddly enough, I have had a discussion with close friend(s) on several occasions about personal decisions regarding funeral arrangements and other morbid death and after death themed topics.

Here is what I would like to happen after I die and I warn you, it is a little weird. And probably won’t happen but to me, it is a nice thought, one that kind of tickles me.

I have it on the best authority that cremains (the ashes recovered from a cremation) can be used as a glaze, an earthen kind of glaze, on pottery. That glaze, the cremains, can be utilized in the firing of a piece of pottery.  I am not sure what that glaze would look like but last I checked, I would probably at that point not care.

So I decided I would like to be cremated, and then the  cremains would be used as that glaze on a bowl which would then be used as a cat food bowl. That way, I could continue to “feed kitty cats” after I am gone. I have been feeding cats all of my adult life (and most of my earlier life as well) so I would love to continue doing so after death too.  A legacy!

Not all of the kinks are worked out on this plan, including who would be in charge of the choosing of the bowl, who would make sure I became a glaze, where and with who would the bowl eventually end up with, and which cats would be eating their kitty meals from me? All good questions, right?

I wonder how many bowls I could actually glaze?

I told you it was weird.