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I Love Facebook but OMG!

As an animal lover, I of course subscribe to all of the animal stuff: animal rights, animal rescue, animal heroes, animal abuse, animal stories, animal YouTube, on and on and on. It was the primary reason and impetus behind my volunteering for the animal rescue group I am now with.  And of course, one link leads to another, you get the picture. And don’t even get me started on the don’t eat meat, vegetarian/vegan stuff. Facebook played a big part in my decision to wander down that avenue too.

But the sad thing is, all of this animal rescue stuff also includes all of the horrible things people do to animals and all of the animals (with pictures) that were put to sleep each day. Did you know that in this country approximately 10,000 dogs and cats are euthanized EACH day? Yeah, you read that right.  Every day, 10,000 beautiful little critters, that’s 10,000 unconditionally loving dogs and slightly unconditionally loving cats meet their end, And those ends are often in gas chambers which is another horrific story in itself. And yes, I am part of the campaign to put an end to that atrocity. So for each little rescue that comes across my Facebook page each day, there is without a doubt hundreds that didn’t make it and their pictures make my heart ache and I cry. I hate it. And it is every day!

Getting back to the numbers: 10,000 each day and let’s calculate only 5 days per week, 52 weeks in the year. That’s giving those shelter peeps the weekend off from all that killing. So the numbers are: 50,000 per week and 2,600,000 per year. That is a lot of dogs and cats.

And you know what would go a long way towards reducing those numbers……yeah, that’s right. Spay and neuter. If I was president, puppy mills would be outlawed, they would just plain be against the law. That will take care of one of the most shameful things this country allows to be done to “man’s best friend”. Have any of you out there even seen what these mills looks like? It is totally disgusting. And some of the biggest offenders in the puppy mill trade with all of its horribleness is (drum roll please) the Amish! Did you know that? That fact totally changed my outlook about them. That’s for sure.

It has reached the point, what with all of this ridiculous breeding (greed driven), this country has huge numbers of purebreds filling up our shelters, and to top even that, people are charging big bucks now for “designer dogs”. When I was growing up, we called them mutts! I fear common sense and priorities are getting lost, and I am guessing it may well be a part of the dumbing down of America. Well, that’s working.

Getting back to spay and neuter and if I was president. No more puppy mills and mandatory, free spay and neuter clinics. It is the only solution to this horrible, horrible problem. I remember when I first heard someone tell me they wanted their dog/cat to have one litter so their children could witness the miracle of birth. If I was a bitch (at that time: I may actually be one now), I would have told them to take their children down to the shelter to witness the miracle of death too. A good follow up, a full circle of life and death. It is only fair and children deserve a well rounded education as preparation for what I envision may not be a nice future.

Life sucks but death sucks worse.

My Memories on Memorial Day 2012

Today I am remembering my Dad. He was in World War II, fought  in the Battle of the Bulge, received a Bronze Star for his bravery (saving his platoon).  Dad didn’t talk about his enlistment much, at least not to me but may have shared some with his sons.  All I remember is a few things passed on by him, or my Mom or my brothers.  My Dad was 6’3”, very tall and very skinny, and his fellow soldiers nicknamed him “thermometer” especially when he drank tomato juice.  He ended up at some point during the war with frostbite of his toes. He didn’t lose any toes but his toenails, for the rest of his life, were very, very gnarly:  extremely thick, wide, hard as a rock and had a strange grayish yellow color. He practically needed a jackhammer or some such tool to trim them and he more often than not just let them grow, to the point that his toenail could have disemboweled someone/something if they were swiped by his big toe.  I remember visiting Mom and Dad many years ago, and while sitting with my Mom, I saw a strange object on the floor: large, almost 2 inches, curved and thick, in the shape of a quarter moon, looking a little bit like a rough stone kind of thing. Mom says “oh, that’s your Dad’s toenail clipping. There is no telling where those things will land when he clips his big toe”.  Apparently they are capable of flying across the room.

I lost my Dad in March 2009. He had a stroke and while recuperating, cancer was discovered.  And even though my relationship with my parents was so very iffy all of my life, I had to see him while he was in the hospital so I drove up to Georgia.  I am glad I did because even though what happened broke my heart and even now makes me cry, I believe I offered him some of the comfort that he needed and which I am happy to say he accepted.  He died that week, in Hospice but, thank God, only after he got to see and spend a little time with his two dogs that he loved very much. He went into Hospice on a Wednesday,  saw his dogs on following Thursday and he died that Friday.

I cannot even imagine how brave soldiers have to be and are, in order to do what they do.  I cannot imagine killing anyone and being able to think about/deal with it after.  I cannot imagine being a solder and being able to deal with the fear, the awfulness, the stress, the dying and the killing.

Every day I thank God I am a woman.  And I loved the saying “If women went to war and the men had the babies, there would be no more war and no more babies”.  I kind of believe that or would like to.

I miss you Dad.


I visit family in Jacksonville several times a year to see my sister-in-law Kate and her daughter Bronnie.  Last summer, they both adopted puppies, sister puppies from the same litter given to them by a neighbor who lived down the street.  White Maltese and they are both cute as buttons, but a little noisy.  And of course, spoiled as hell, doted on by both of their “mommys”.  When not being carried around in the arms of their mommys, they are usually kept in the kitchen with a doggy gate keeping them in there.  Invariarably, when in the kitchen, they will start barking: sharp, loud, eardrum piercing barks because they are spoiled and want ALL of the attention.

So during one of my visits up there, it was mentioned that “startle collars” had been ordered and were on the way, to train the puppies to not bark when in the kitchen.  I inquired and was told they were not shock collars but startle collars.  Okay, I’ll go along with this.  Remember, these were Maltese, no bigger than a minute.  My cats are bigger than these dogs.  I was assured these were NOT shock collars because that would be cruel.

Next visit, the collars had arrived and to me, they looked very similar to shock collars…..

During that visit, while on the couch, we girls were having girl time and the little dogs, now about 9 months old, were on the couch with us, barking at the window looking out on the marsh.  A collar was put on each and when one of them continued to bark, I noticed the dog yelped as in pain.  Well, to me that meant something hurt the puppy.  I asked Kate and Bronnie if either one of them had seen the video of the guy wearing a dog’s shock collar and barking that was posted on YouTube.  I suggested we try the collar ourselves.  I went first, holding it to my neck and barking.  It took a couple barks but yeah, I got a shock and it was more than startling, to say the least.  Kate says “let me try” so I handed her the collar.  She held it up to her neck and barked.  Had to bark several times before she yells out and throws the collar away from her.  ”Ow, that really hurts” she says. Bronnie at this time says, as we try to hand her the collar for her turn, “no no no, I’m not going to do that”.  At this point, I’m laughing so hard, almost peed my pants.

Then Kate remembers that each time the collar is activated by barking within a certain time period, the “startle” increases in intensity.  Let’s call it what it is: the shock increases in intensity.  If Bronnie had agreed to be the third guinea pig, well, let’s say she would have never let us forget it.  Or forgive us, for that matter.

I know it’s mean but every time I think about Kate and the collar and how lucky Bronnie was to not participate, I just start laughing.  Like right now.

The names in this story were not changed to protect the innocent because there were no innocents, with the possible exception of the those two little dogs.

Jeez, startle collar, my ass!!!  That’s some advertising.