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Accidents do happen and feeding the cats.

So I have reached an age, one during which many could/would wonder … now what or ….. what’s next? Especially during these times of economic turmoil, real estate upheaval, job scarcity and even less resources, currently affecting so many in this country and around the world. Scary times.

Being alone, with no children, I cannot help but wonder what will become of me. Now that I am in my autumn chicken years, long past being a spring chicken, I cannot help but ask who will be there for me when and if I (1) get sick , (2) get hurt or (3) get dementia. What will happen if I truly do end up homeless and penniless, and ultimately fall through the cracks. It is very frightening and it is keeping me up at night, a bad thing when I really need my rest now that I am getting on in years.

I found myself the other day figuring out how many years I might be expected to live versus how many years each of my cats would be expected to live and when and at what age should I not adopt/rescue any kittens versus my life span. It is probably time for me to only adopt/rescue elderly cats.

I have also on several occasions done something rather foolish in my house, involving the climbing of ladders/step stools and other dangerous objects to accomplish a task, only to lose my balance, flail about and come close to falling or actually fall, which got me thinking. So far, my past falls have not resulted in too much bodily damage aside from the terrible bruise last time on my hip along with both thumbs being sprained and still healing. But what would happen to me if I did fall, with a really bad injury which prevented me from getting up and what if I ended up either in my fenced-in back yard or in my house unable to get up or call for help. I could realistically die there. I don’t have that many people in my life, what with my being single, not dating, not too many friends, well, not any that call me every day to check on me. I have one friend who does that, calls me every day to make sure I am okay, however, I don’t know what he would do if I didn’t answer the phone. He lives far away and doesn’t have a car. I really don’t want to put that to the test , BTW.

Further contemplation of the above scenario made me realize this: my cats would eventually and very possibly eat me. I would still be, even after my passing, feeding them. I have heard stories about that happening and for some strange reason, it was not a disturbing contemplation but one of “that’s okay, how so very apropos”.

I would just want them to wait until after my passing; no early snacking! That would be rude and probably hurt.


I’m no spring chicken. Gettin on in years and extremely pleased to have lived this long and hopeful this lucky longevitiy streak will continue for many more years. I am also lucky to be looking pretty good, I am told, for my age. Got some aches and pains and other issues….no biggee. Did you know that as we age, our eyesight changes. My father, as he got older, actually ended up with almost 20/20. The eyes of an eagle. My prescription actually got a little better as well – not as strong a correction. Cool, right?

I have one complaint though. It is minor but I cannot but ask myself why and then reply (to myself of course), no fair.

My complaint/question is: why is it that my eyesight, my nearsightedness, which previously served me quite well, disappeared at about the same time that my eyebrows started growing back white instead of the almost black I was used to seeing. It is bad enough that whenever I now stare into my mirror, I am rewarded with a slightly blurry reflection, making plucking my eyebrows (okay, I’m vain, I’ll admit it) an iffy production at best. But when combining this already compromised task with my now growing-in, completely white hairs in the eyebrow region, well, need I say more. They have to be quite long before I am even able to see them in order to remove them. Which means I have to start looking like Andy Rooney before I can visualize those pesky white hairs and pluck them out.

It does not seem fair!