Where or where does the time go? To the fosters, that’s where!

It has been a while since I posted and it just seems like everything caught up with me this past week or so. It is not like I have a really busy schedule or anything like that but I really could use a few extra hours each day along with some extra energy to accomplish more stuff during those much wished for extra hours.

I don’t know what changed this past week or two. Is it age, catching up with me when I stopped to catch my breath?  Or is it that I am still adjusting to a new schedule, what with a little part time job in the middle of the day which sort of cuts my day and ability to finish stuff in half, sorta kinda? Or could it be that the 4 little foster kittens that I volunteered to take care while they are waiting to be adopted are taking up a lot of my time and energy?

Could very well be those kittens. They are up to no good all day. Absolutely adorable and endless amounts of energy. And noisy too! I don’t know how much longer I will be their foster mom. I will be missing them and their antics when they finally get their forever homes. Most likely it will be one by one and someone in the four will end up all by itself. Poor things. But I do feel good about saving these little darlings. One at a time or in my case, 4 at a time. I am trying to get some good pics of each of them but it is an almost impossible task. They are in perpetual motion.

Here is a little description of each of them. Jaspurr is one of the blacks, very sweet and loving, a lap cat with


slightly longer fur than his brother but still a short hair. He is very laid back and not too concerned about loud noises or things unknown. Will probably get him into trouble later on.

His brother is Junipurr, the other half of the Purr brothers. He started out as a little more cautious and shy, had kind of scruffy fur, with a greyish colored undercoat, due most probably to poor nutrition. He has now come out of his shell, is very sweet and loving, and his fur is now healthy and shiny. He is a black patent leather beauty, sleek and sinewy.



The third foster is Biscuit, a beautiful cream tiger, with very unusual coloring. He is the biggest of the four, a total sweetie. He was rescued from a shelter and certain death. Another lap kitty for sure. In fact, he is helping me post this blog right now, standing in front of the screen trying to catch the cursor. He is thankfully not too big so I can still see some of the computer screen. What a great little helper!


The last but not the least is little Dulce, who came with her name. A little tiger girl who just wants to be with her people. She arrived with Biscuit but they are not related. She also came from a shelter, saved from a certain death. She also had the sniffles so I have had to give her medications for it and she does not like medicine. But she is feeling better. Another lap cat for sure, who also likes to bestow many kisses upon the faces of her people. She is a total cuddle bunny, likes to curl up and snuggle. A real cutie pie for sure.


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